A debate is ensuing on one of my Facebook posts. The one I made about irrational beliefs, sports teams, and political parties.

Morning to my friends on ADN!

NYC Street Artist responsible for Drone signs arrested http://buff.ly/VkrOiA

George Carlin was wise to the game being played around us. The one we're not in on. http://buff.ly/YyIxQ5

People have just as irrational beliefs about sports teams as they do about political parties.

Remember when listening to music was an activity unto itself?

Think I need to start handing out chill pills on ADN.

Pinball Arcade finally launches Twilight Zone. Because Farsight Studios hasn’t made enough from me on in-app purchases for pinball tables.


ITunes 11? It looks different. Might even work better. But it's still iTunes.

Happy Friday!