One other thing in the divorce has been handled: withdrawing my share of a bank account shared with my ex wife and closed it. Since the nearest branch of this bank is in Nashville, it required four hour of driving (round trip).

I gave a good chunk of it to my houseguests. Did take a second crack at the carcass today and pulled off some amazing meat for my own leftovers.


I actually cooked my first turkey yesterday. I’m glad this was only a half turkey, because my half was 21 pounds.


The one benefit of using a personal check to pay my tax bill is I know the IRS received the paper return I had to file.

What happens next and when is out of my hands. However, I’m pretty sure my ex will have to answer some uncomfortable questions before too long…

If my ex is not familiar with the phrase hoisted by her own petard [], she will be soon…through the school of hard knocks.

Not quite, looks like Tug Fork [], which is between West Virginia and Kentucky.


Yeah, the Tennessee Valley is quite pretty. I wouldn't want to get stuck out on the roads in that part of the world, though, as there wasn't even mobile phone signal in some places.

A lot of why I globetrotted as much as I did was my situation at home. That situation is obviously very different now than it was at the start of the year. Let's just say I have a lot less motivation to travel going forward.


Driving more places? Yes. Flying more places? We'll see.

Gas in Gig Harbor, WA: $4.70/gal
Gas in Crossville, TN: $3/gal

Being free of all the bullshit in the Pacific Northwest: Priceless