don’t have too many of those and the ones I do have aren’t around here. That said, I think I’m in a good spot right now.

My first night in the house I’ll be living in for the next few months got me invited to dinner made by another family staying in the house. Was a nice change from my so-called family.

I have a couple more nights in this hotel before I move into the room in a house that I rented on AirBnB on Monday for the next few months. It’s basically all I could afford given the constraints of the ordered payments to my soon-to-be ex-wife, which will hopefully get reduced after the next hearing in early February.

It helps that I’ve worked for this employer for 23 years. And, yes, the execs know who I am.

Washington State is definitely not a place to get married and raise children. Especially if it ever goes wrong.

the initial order was roughly 75% of my take home pay. Which barely leaves enough to rent a room in someone’s house, much less afford things like food, gas, and lawyers.

There was definitely an insurrection on January 6th…in my own life, at least. The dust is starting to settle and the new (temporary) normal is starting to come into focus. Most of what’s left at this point is the legal bits and pieces of my divorce.

Meanwhile, my employer has went above and beyond in helping me get back on my feet.

It’s been quite a rough several days. I have a lawyer now and, at least for the moment, a place to stay in the form of a hotel the day job is paying for. No way to afford two households with what the court is currently requiring me to pay my wife.

my kids basically turned on me and don’t really have any desire to talk with them. Not with me.

Well, I guess the cat is now out of the bag: I filed divorce papers on Friday. Considering the shenanigans my soon-to-be ex-wife pulled, it’s not safe to live there anymore. Trying to get things re-established.

sorry I’m having to cancel my 10C subscription for the moment. Hope you can appreciate the circumstances.