apparently, someone jumped out a second story window. Believe the person was not hurt.

I also ended up being the sober one at the end of the evening. 😬

Hopefully the graduation party we attend next weekend will have a little less drama than the one we attended tonight.

no kidding 😬

just wait. My boy is turning 21 this month. 😳

I had a few different variants, my favorites being the N95 (a multimedia phone that had a 5mp camera with optical zoom) and the E71 (kinda looked like a Blackberry). Still have them, in fact, but can’t use them anymore. :(

strength is very much a use it or lose it proposition, especially as you age.


the functionality is similar to Nokia smartphones more than a decade ago, just with slightly better connectivity options and better processors.


the phone has GPS and Google Maps, it just doesn’t continually track your location on the map. Which actually sounds like a bonus to me.


the camera is 2MP but that’s not a major concern for him. I haven’t checked the quality beyond that but can’t imagine it’s anything more than…barely functional. 😬


blame for that. It was in relation to the 12GB I found the Google Chrome application taking up.