Separated six months from the woman I’ve been married to for 25 years as of today. Haven’t felt so independent on Independence Day in ages. The fireworks are better, too.





trust me, I know. My kids are “captured assets.”

where the relationship “goes wrong” with a narcissist is when you start trying to assert autonomy or take control of the situation. With two narcissists, that’s always going to be a fight…

different narcissists act differently. Even if they are the same sex. 😬

no but she did use the kids to communicate with me. And get information out of me. Which is…much worse.

weird isn’t the word I’d use here…

sometimes we fear success, yes. 😬

meanwhile, my not soon enough ex requested my address as part of the discovery process. I gave them a mailing address, but not my physical address. Even though there is no reason she needs to know, we’ll see if she decides to press the issue in court.

The mail that comes to the marital house in my name is either junk or stuff that’s relevant to the (marital) property. I didn’t even bother to set up forwarding as it’s easier to tell the few people that would send me mail what my new address is.

Having to route mail through the lawyer…ouch.

it’s most likely fear

How many of these things [] has my not soon enough ex done to me? All five.