250 Pound Women Runs Ultra Marathons


Heck, I didn't even start running until I was about 230 pounds. This woman is doing ultra marathons at 250 pounds? And does it with such spirit? Quite impressive and inspiring.

RIP Fry’s Electronics


If you’re from Silicon Valley, you’ve probably been to a Fry’s Electronics at least once. It was like a Toys ‘r Us for computer geeks. Like many retailers, they didn’t adapt well to the move towards E-Commerce and Covid-19. I was surprised they were still alive when I visited them about 6 months ago.

WhatsApp Warrant Canary Gone?


At least that's how some see this. Me? I
think alternatives are a GOOD idea, especially in the current environment.

Tony Hsieh, Founder of Zappos, dies at age 46


No cause of death released. All the money in the world won't save you when your time on this earth is up.

The Lost Cities of Geo - 99% Invisible


Not every day you get to witness the exact moment where an online community comes to an end. I was there for the ending of App Dot Net.

The Silent Exodus Nobody Sees: Leaving Work Forever


“Take This Job and Shove It” was a Johnny Paycheck song a long time ago, and more and more people are saying it as the common man works harder for less.

Are We Making It Worse?


Wouldn’t it be ironic if everything we did in the name of Covid-19 made the next flu season that much worse? More food for thought from Ivor Cummins, who has been looking at the data during this whole viral situation.

Getting Terminology Right Really Matters, Especially in a Pandemic


The Centers for Disease Control basically confused the Infection Fatality Rate and the Case Fatality Rate, which are very different, and in this case, off by an order of magnitude. They did this when comparing Influenza to Covid-19. The end result: Covid-19 seemed way more dangerous at the outset than it's turning out to be.



Adam Curry created the first global podcast index, which became what Apple uses for iTunes today. He’s doing it again because…we need an alternative not in the hands of Silly Con Valley.

Harris says she wouldn't trust Trump on any vaccine released before election


From the article: “If past is prologue … they'll be muzzled. They'll be suppressed,” Harris said of health experts and scientists.

Funny, because health experts and scientists suggesting other solutions to Covid-19 that have a track record of working and don't involve a vaccine rushed to market are being actively muzzled and suppressed. 🙄