Let the food coma begin!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the WKRP Turkey Drop! 30 second edition. http://buff.ly/UZA4og

Black Friday ads would be so much more honest if they replaced the word Save with Spend.

Smartphones are killing the Point-and-Shoot Camera market http://buff.ly/UUnxfX

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans. To the rest of you, happy Thursday!

I don't give a rats ass which QB Jim Harbaugh decides to start on Sunday, I just want the 49ers to beat the Saints.

Wow, people are stressing on my stream tonight. What the hell?

Let's hope this ceasefire with Israel and Gaza holds. http://buff.ly/UWKqoL

Think I'm going to avoid Tel Aviv for a while. http://buff.ly/Wxrm0E

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Settlement Street? http://buff.ly/WqPRfU