A Doctor Went to His Own Employer for a COVID-19 Antibody Test. It Cost $10,984.


The test itself is about $8 in materials. And the scary thing: the insurance paid it without pushback. And I wonder why my insurance premiums go up 10-15% a year…

USDA Dietary Guidelines on Alcohol Comments - R Street


These guys are complaining that the recommendation to cut the number of alcoholic beverages to one drink a day is based on flimsy evidence. It’s just like the evidence for just about everything else in the US Dietary Guidelines, which is mostly a bunch of cherry picked epidemiology that supports their guidelines and ignores things like low carb, which has studies that show…it works.

Another diabetes medicine recalled for having too much of a carcinogen


Have I mentioned I'm glad I'm no longer taking Metformin…or any other prescription drug?

Broadband Monopoly Report: At Least 49.7 Million Americans Served by Only One Provider - Telecompetitor


And really, another 33 million only have slow DSL as their “competitive” choice. Which means: this headline understates the problem.

Why Are There Currently No Ads On Techdirt? Apparently Google Thinks We're Dangerous


Why Are There Currently No Ads On Techdirt? Apparently Google Thinks We're Dangerous And in typical Google fashion, they don't really tell why. And apparently, their ads were causing issues for end users browsing TechDirt. I say: good riddance.

Ultra-Processed Diets Cause Excess Calorie Intake and Weight Gain: An Inpatient Randomized Controlled Trial of Ad Libitum Food Intake


My own experience suggests this is the way to go: eliminate ultra-processed food from your diet to lower weight. This is at the heart of the No Sugar, No Grains approach.

Why You Must Beware What You Ask Amazon Alexa


There’s a reason I don’t have one of these talking tubes in my house.

China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI | ZDNet


Surprised it took them this long, honestly.

Ralph Barbieri, KNBR's 'Razor,' dies at 74 after battle with Parkinson's


I may not have listened to Ralph Barbieri a whole lot, but I still listen to a lot of the people he worked with. The dude was a Bay Area original and legend.

New Rule: The Quarantine 15 | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube


I rarely agree with Bill Maher, but he’s right about this. The single biggest thing you can do to improve your chances if you catch COVID-19 is to improve your diet.