It has reached Fuck This Shit o’Clock. Scotch Thirty coming up.

Pretty realistic rendering of Popeye the Sailor Man

Happy 5th Anniversary, Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak! To many more years of No Agenda, the Best Podcast in the Universe!

TSA: Shut Up About Us or Terrorists Will Kill Your Family

Gil Shwed talking about Cyber Security on CNBC:

Facebook joins the "fucking over their users" club in the pursuit of the almighty advertising dollar.

U.S. may soon be the world's biggest oil producer--Who knew?

There's a Media Assassination going on now! #noagenda #itm

Dear people who bought an 3rd Gen iPad who are pissed a 4th Gen one now exists: Get your priorities straight. STFU.

Airline Boarding Passes have security flaws. facepalm