TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports. I'm still opting out. http://buff.ly/RNsZnY

I have a clean energy solution for you: put wind turbines in front of all politicians.

No matter who wins the Presidential Election, I can confidently say “I didn’t vote for him.” http://moby.to/shq58j

Favorite feature of app.net: the Global Timeline. Way better than "trending topics" or "promoted stories."

UK MPs claiming expenses on homes they are letting from each other. Talk about a scam! http://bit.ly/RGyRMp

I remember the days when I followed 300 people on Twitter. Now I follow over 800. Need to fix that.

The idea of "Slow Work" is catching on, apparently. http://buff.ly/Qy3anm

I think AT&T is jealous of Sprint/Softbank Deal: http://buff.ly/QxHBDx

So really, my choices for iPad apps are Netbot and Rhino? Really?

Yup, TV reduces your life expectancy. Good reason to turn it off! http://nyti.ms/TalzNq