Without forging [ID], someone on the no-fly list could easily use the current flaws to board an aircraft. http://buff.ly/SJmwLc

Daylight Saving Time, our bi-annual reminder who is really in charge.

Whenever I make a high score on a video game, I still use the initials DAM. Yes, I am still 12.

Why is everyone telling me to donate to the Red Cross through them? Seems scammy to me.

My last Twitter crosspost from #felix went out on the wrong account. Unfortunately it was a corporate account. That was embarrassing.

Glad I got the lawn mowed today. Didn't quite get everything put away before the heavens opened up, though.

Time to bring out Ye Olde Drive-in Intermission against Daylight Saving Time http://buff.ly/WjviTo

The real unemployment number? Over 20%. http://buff.ly/Qbes6A

Well-organized governments tend to enjoy well-organized parades, followed by well-organized ethnic cleansing. http://buff.ly/RA2QoD

My life force is running out.