It would have been truly epic had this Chuck Lorre vanity card aired last night:

Some amazing photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in and around NYC

The correct way to order a Steak at Tat's.

Internet Explorer 9, as it really is:

Good morning, ummm, Appsters? ADNers? Yeah, you. Whoever y'all are! :)

What if your cloud is really a single data center in a single city and the pumps in the basement have failed? How cloudy is that?

Dear Google: if I wanted operator goatse on my smartphone, I would have stuck with a dumb phone.

The DMCA, Library of Congress are not making any sense

There must have been some serious WiFi issues in iOS 6.0. Now that I’m on 6.0.1, I can use my iPad on WiFi at Starbucks again.

AT&T and T-Mobile's network are one in New York and New Jersey