So my 64GB iPad 2 is worth $310 according to Gazelle, which will barely buy a WiFi-only 16GB iPad Mini. Not to mention all the accessories I'll have to buy. Think I'll wait.

Not sure how I feel about a $329 entry point for the iPad Mini.

Leave it to Nigel Farage to tell us what the EU bailouts are really all about: subjugation. #noagenda

275k iPad apps, 50 Android tablet apps.

Tim Cook is channeling Steve Jobs, clearly.

Amtrak train briefly hits 111 mph in test run #noagenda #trainsgoodplanesbad

Oh Daylight Saving Time, how I hate thee for all the complication you create worldwide.

Test post to ADN from Drafts.

That spectrum crisis the CTIA, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless talk about? Myth: busted.

Man gets stuck in Hawaii for several days due to no-fly list.