they say the best way to keep worries away is to keep busy. The idle mind being the devils playground and all that, too.


how’s he doing? I don’t spend much time on Twitter and haven’t really seen him in my timeline when I’m there.


the funny thing is it kinda just fell into place. Life’s like that sometimes.

I will, yes. It’ll be a bit before I can take possession, but at least I know where I’m ultimately going to land.

my reason for drinking that cocktail would be to forget I owe alimony 😂

Things are starting to fall into place…including signing a lease on one.

now it’s more like “remember to send the alimony” 😬

no question, which is probably why I will replace it shortly. The timing just kinda sucks. 😬

can’t be worse than the dogs the owner of the Airbnb have around here 😬

exactly, we both have other priorities at the moment.