There was a lot of trauma around the birth of our son. She had to have a C-section for the birth, which resulted in a wound that ended up reopening. Not to mention she had trouble breastfeeding and had post-partem depression.

I don't know that she ever fully recovered from all that.

keeping yourself busy, however you do it, is probably a good thing right now.

the first evidence I can find for shit not working in our relationship was…2002. All it did was get progressively worse.

I can so relate to not having to walk on eggshells around your spouse any longer. I’ve endured that stress for…longer than you were married to Reiko, I suspect.

sounds like my soon-to-be ex

everyone has a different definition of interesting but as long as he's doing well…all good.


yes, she was in the form of a ghost. Passed right through me, in fact.

given her reaction when I did what I did to kick this off, and she's exceptionally concerned about appearances, that's quite possible. 😬

I swear I’ve dreamed more about my soon-to-be ex in the last few weeks than I ever did in almost 25 years of marriage.

In this one, her spirit tried to stop me from moving forward. Yeah, good luck with that.

redeemed from what, exactly?

I know I’ve got some trials (probably even a legal one) ahead, but I can already see clearly past the light at the end of the tunnel that’s trying to run me over.