that basically happened in my case with both my children and my soon-to-be ex…and I was there for it. 😬


of all the things my wife has done…this was not one of them. That's pretty messed up.

Interesting factoid about the road trip I’m on: other than Wyoming, I’ve been to every state I driven through. And having a great time seeing folks along the way.

many good memories are being made for sure.

I’m taking a bit of a road trip at the moment.

quite literally at the moment 😬

multicast FTW

it all depends on the motivation. For some…it's narcissism. :P

Tonight is the last night in this Airbnb. The Vietnamese family was really nice, if a little loud at times. The dogs…a bit hyper at times. But they did feed me occasionally.

it's amazing what you can do when you're not being continually criticized for even trying…