you don't look happy about it.

What part of "I'm not paying my daughter's therapist without proof services were provided" does my lawyer not understand?

the one thing you’ll get out of this that she and the courts ultimately can’t take away: your freedom. The rest are details.

in a criminal court, there are certain legal standards like “burden of proof” and such. In family court, there are no such standards and the courts can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want. Your lawyer can only do so much, if anything.

word of warning: your lawyer probably isn't working for you. That and/or the courts will be stacked against you.

just happenstance

I find both sides of the political aisle deplorable. :P

The current bone of contention with my soon-to-be ex is paying for my daughter's therapy sessions. Happy to do so, but show me a bill and I'll write a check. No chance I'm providing a credit card to allow her therapist to charge my credit card at-will.

Not in the new place just yet, but at least I’m now in the right part of the country. The fact it’s somewhere the soon-to-be ex has spent her whole life hiding and denying she’s from is merely an added bonus.

sadly, it rarely gets better. Definitely learned that the hard way.