they have lots of trails and picnic areas in it, though some parts of Five Mile Drive are closed off to car traffic a lot of the time.

I was drawn to Point Defiance today as it seems to have had a certain significance in my spiritual journey. Across the bay, I spied the Narrows Bridge and the town of Gig Harbor, both of which defined my existence for better part of two decades.

As I start a new chapter in my life, these are among the things I am leaving behind.





that is still a thing? I haven’t logged into it in quite a while. And yeah, I have no desire to see the Wu again. 😬

the scale can lie, but your waistline doesn't. And, if your pants are fitting better…who can argue?

I wouldn't count on it.

vague posts are purposefully vague 😉

Proof of concept completed. Now, I know exactly how much room I have to work with.

Compared to what could have happened, most definitely.

Ended up getting a little more than I bargained for from my soon-to-be ex. Didn’t get my work badges because she couldn’t find them, but I did get the other things I asked for, including my car title, as well as a few other items I didn’t ask for, but did want.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a car full of clothing that needs to go to Goodwill.

How about that, my soon-to-be ex is actually going to make the items I requested available for me to pick up today. Of course, I offered to drop off a check, so that probably helped.

Regardless, it does mean going over to the house, which I'll admit I'm not looking forward to. Because I said to put the items on the front porch and ensure no one is home, hopefully there will be no human contact.