The bill on the first shopping trip for your new place 😱

I hadn’t worn my wedding ring in years. Not because of the separation, but because of the weight loss.

Not sure what I’m going to do with my wedding ring. Since it’s made with the Japanese Mokume method, it’s not something I could ever easily resize. And, also, no reason to wear it now. 😬

no, this is as far south as I’m going. Will be heading back to Eastern TN tomorrow.

I’ve now officially driven from one end of the US (Seattle area) to the other (Charleston, SC).

hell, I'm nostalgic for the days of 1970s Apple. You know, when things were actually expandable and repairable without special tools. :P

we'll see if the running trails by the new place are shaded or not. That will make a huge difference regardless of the time of day. 😬

the heat with the humidity in Tennessee is a bit different than I'm used to, though.

I took a week off during the long drive across the country but I’m back at it again.

When you eliminate the crap from your life (food and otherwise), you're gonna be happier and healthier.

(Before: 2010, After: 2022)


you don't look happy about it.