Apparently my daughter was involved in an auto accident. The way I found out? I saw a notification in the insurance app that a claim was submitted for her car. No communication from the not-soon-enough ex about it.

I hope my daughter is ok.

the only thing that might require my presence is in December, assuming we don’t settle before then. Given how things are going currently, I’m not holding out much hope.

it’s all in writing in the form of a “formal” letter from her lawyer to mine. She clearly thinks she’ll scare me into submission. I’m standing my ground on these matters, and I have no doubt it will end up back in court.

it was alright. I ran a few times a couple weeks ago, so I wasn’t completely out of shape. 😬

we’ve seen 30C days just since I’ve been in TN. It’s gonna happen soon enough 😬

My not-soon-enough ex’s lawyer is grandstanding again. 🙄

Did my first run in the new neighborhood. Funny, the weather felt very much like the Pacific Northwest even though I’m nowhere near there now.

I grew up poor, so I know how to live frugally. It was hard to do living in a room in an Airbnb where you didn’t have much space to store food or much ability to cook.

That said, there’s not too many ways to move across the country and start a new household from scratch cheaply 😬

did she run the finances in your marriage too? 😬

you ain’t joking 😂