three weeks 😬

My first day back at work after my vacation/move and….I trip over timezones. I’ll get the hang of this again. 😬

I still have to pay the bill 😬

The cable modem the owner of this place had is, surprisingly, not terrible, and was something I could configure on my own. Which is a good thing since the Comcast service is in their name instead of mine.

And the corporate directory now shows my correct location just in time for me to come off vacation.

not much to say about my employer other than they’ve been extremely accommodating through this process.


Yes, still employed. I took three weeks off to do this move.


the cost of living in this part of the world is noticeably cheaper for sure.

the good news is that a lot of this stuff is either a one time purchase or stuff I won’t have to purchase again for a while.

the place I got was fully furnished, so at least I’m not having to buy that, except for a couple folding tables and an exercise ball for my workspace.